How to get there

By plane By plane

Currently Braşov has no civilian airport, but works have started for an airport to be operational by 2015-2016. Otopeni airport near Bucharest is three hours away by car south, the same as the Sibiu airport west, or the Târgu Mureş airport north.

By train By train

Getting to Braşov is very easy, because it is a major Romanian railway hub. From the capital city Bucharest there are 18 trains daily and there are also frequent trains from other cities, as well as daily connections to Budapest, Hungary (via Oradea) and a EuroNight (fast night train) connection to Budapest via Arad. Another international overnight train arrives daily from Vienna. Also due to its affordability and comfort, train is the best way of reaching Braşov. Even though all Romanian trains are increasingly comfortable, try to take the InterCity (IC) trains, of which there are three per day. These are very modern and comfortable, as they are an initiative of the state railways to reinvigorate Romania's transport sector. Rapid trains are also comfortable and almost as fast as the InterCity trains. Accelerat trains are a fast alternative, lacking the kind of comfort an InterCity or Rapid train would provide. (As of December 2011, Rapid and Accelerat categories were both merged to InterRegio.) The cheapest way is the local-train, labeled as Regio (abbreviated R before their route number, previously called Personal). There are three of these per day, and they take nearly twice the time to get there, since they stop at every minor station, but nevertheless they're a good way to know better about the local people. Train tickets for the Regio trains are very cheap, while for the InterCity are the most expensive. Trains also arrive in Braşov from Iaşi, Suceava, Baia Mare, Satu Mare or Constanţa Check the trains timetable.

By car By car

Aside from the train, car is one of the most popular ways of reaching Brasov, due to its fairly good road connections with Brasov. Road E60 will be the main road to use in and out or Brasov, because this European Road links Brasov to Bucharest in the south, as well as Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Budapest, Hungary in the west. Road E68 will take you to Sibiu and further onwards to Arad and Timisoara. Road E574 takes you into the north, to the Moldavia region and the Painted Monasteries and Iasi.

All roads are marked in accordance with the international regulations. Driving is on the right side of the road and overtaking on the left. Driving under the influence of alcohol is forbidden. Speed limits are 50kph in built-up areas and up to 90kph on main roads.
Distances between Brasov and other important Romanian cities:

Brasov - Bucuresti 161 km; Brasov - Cluj Napoca 264 km; Brasov - Constanta 380 km; Brasov - Iasi 299 km; Brasov - Sibiu 142 km; Brasov - Timisoara 399 km.

Travel tips

If you come by car to Romania, bring your driving licence, car papers and green card. Romania applies the international regulations of Convention for the Customs Facilities for Tourist Traffic. Highly valuable goodwill and foreign currency must be declared when entering the country.