Call for papers

NEEFood Congress participants are welcomed to submit: Abstracts; Posters; Full papers. Any submission must not have been, or will not be published elsewhere or submitted to another conference before the review notification date of this conference. Official language is English in paper writing and presenting.

Guidelines for Abstract submission

1. Abstract cannot exceed over 300 words;
2. Abstract should be structured by the following form: title, brief introductionmaterials and methods, resultsconclusions and key wordsReview work - Abstract should be structured as: brief introductionbody of text (discussion, explanation etc) and conclusion/sKey words should be written in italic at the bottom of the Abstract. There should be maximum 8 (eight) key words/phrases;
3. Please, send the abstract attached to the following email address:;
4. All abstracts will be carefully reviewed by International Editorial Board, and published into Book of Abstracts which will be offered to all registered participants.  

Poster instructions

If you are preparing poster (on the basis of sent abstract), than you should follow the rules below:

1. Poster size - B1 (70x100cm);
2. Text in plots and figures should also be at least 20 pt;
3. 1000 words is a reccommended poster lenght;
4. Use section headings to orient the viewer;
5. Use serif fonts for text (e.g. Times) and sans-serif fonts for titles (e.g. Helvetica, Arial) and headings

Guidelines for Full paper submission

1. All participants with accepted abstracts who declared that will write and submit a full paper in English language, should use the template of the Journals below;
2. The Full papers should be submitted as an separate attachments to the following email address: All papers will be pre-reviewed before sending to the Journals reviewers. Please use the template and guide for authors of the Journal selected from below.
3. Full papers submission deadline is 1st April 2015.
4. According to the abstracts received, taking in consideration titles, topics and quality, the full papers will be published in: